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Omega Psi Phi’s National office established a Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative (FMI) in 2011.  Under their FMI they created the Project Manhood Mentoring Program. This program is designed to develop young males into productive citizens & future leaders in the community. They flowed down guidelines & requirements for all chapters to establish a mentorship program.


National’s guidance gives each chapter flexibility to decide how to implement their program. However, each program must include the following 4 tenets.


  • Personal Development & Academic Achievement

  • Leadership

  • Public Service

  • Financial Literacy

Psi Kappa Kappa Chapter established its mentorship program, “The Gold Standard” on 12 November, 2019.  The Gold Standard incorporates the 4 tenets called out by IHQ, and will address the 4 tenets by emphasizing 5 qualities for each mentee to embrace & live by:


  • Integrity 🡪 being honest in everything you say & do

  • Nobility 🡪 having high moral standards & good character

  • Gallant 🡪 possessing courage & bravery, along with courtesy & respect for women

  • Original 🡪 be yourself, without being dependent on other peoples’ ideas

  • Talent 🡪 recognizing & growing your God-given gift to serve others

Note that the first letter of the qualities identified spell the word INGOT.  Participants in the programs will be referred to as INGOTS as they go through the process of being shaped & molded into young men, who are ready to assume their role in society as productive citizens & future leaders.

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